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VELUX Windows

As VELUX certified installers we are specialists in replacing old VELUX windows with new ones and putting in new VELUX installations too. We are experienced in small domestic jobs as well as larger commercial projects.

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VELUX Sun Tunnels

Have a dark, poorly lit space that's too small for a window? This is where a sun tunnel comes in, it's flexible or rigid tubing is ideal to bring in floods of daylight. Perfect for bathrooms and halls.

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VELUX Flat Roof Windows

Not all roofers are comfortable putting in flat roof windows but here at Pebbleford Roofing, we love the opportunity of a flat roof project. VELUX flat roof windows are very versatile. Choose from polycarbonate dome, flat glass or curved glass options.


VELUX Cabrio Balconies

VELUX Cabrio balconies will add the wow factor to your home. However, they are more complicated install than your standard VELUX window. We are VELUX certified installers and are experience VELUX Cabrio balcony installers. 

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